Rain of Life

A composer friend of mine Valery Niazon wrote a piece of music for his Mum who recently passed away and for his dad who had died earlier.

Two choreographers and dancers set his composition “Rain Of Life”, to dance.

It was recently performed at the fringe festival.

With the permission of the composer and dancers I embed the film here. I found it very moving so I am sharing it. 

Stay well.

Gnow or Never

4th of February on ABC 1 8 pm “Gnow or Never”
The story of the malleefowl then is incontrovertibly married to the story of its human advocates and co-habitants, and journeys into the hearts and minds of the malleefowl believers; their reverie, bad jokes, good jokes, anger, passion, camaraderie, whimsy… it is a tribute to their action, their belief that in some part their lives hinge on the survival of the malleefowl. The stories of our malleefowl believers, most of whom are members of the Malleefowl Preservation Group, reveal a natural world to die for. A natural world as precious, as mysterious, as thrilling as anything on earth, and a community of mind that makes you wish you were one of their company.

ATOM Award Documentary

My Asian Heart , about Philip Blenkinsop and his great photos , has just won best documentary in Australia at the ATOM Awards in Melbourne.  Directed by David Bradbury, music by Chris Norman vocals by Samantha Ray, the crew Treena, Bridget, Mike, Andrew, Bruce,and others, oh and produced by me, very coy but true. See it on SBS February 2010. Carmelo

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