2023 – The Art Gallery of Western Australia is screening a film directed by Carmelo at the WA Art Gallery based on the edible art work of Janice Wong.

2023 – SBS On Demand screens “The Habits of New Norcia” (read more)

2022 – Packed Lunch (UK ch4)

Jack Stein and Rickeeta Walley “Packed Lunch” (Ch 4 UK April 2022)

2021 – Time and Space the Speed of Light

Read more about this project in our blog

2021 – The Sweet Art of Janice Wong

The Sweet Art of Janice Wong is now in pre-production

2020 – WA Museum (with APP)

  • Together with APP (Aboriginal Productions and Promotions) CM Film Productions produced videos that screen in the spectacular new WA Museum in the Perth Cultural Centre Boola Bardip.

2017 – Carmelo was mentor director on the series

  • Born To Cook for SBS and
  • On Country Kitchen for NITV.

2016 – Antonio Carluccio’s 6 Seasons series for SBS

Feature films In Development

  • “Sleeping Alone”
  • “Dragons In The Sky”
  • “The Beach Inspector and The Mermaid”
  • “The Fence”
  • “One Night Of Madness”

Documentaries in Production

“Dance Lines”

Documentaries in Development

  • “Spit It Out”
  • “Pirates”
  • “History Of Medicine”
  • “Sustain”


2013 Foreshadow – Feature film , Director. Theatrical distribution Hoyts Australia.

2011 – 2012 Deep Sleep No More – feature film shot in Beijing, Co Director, edit supervisor, script

2008 We Always Dress For Sunday Lunch – Director and Producer

2000 Chasing The Hibiscus – Telefeature Director

1998 Goddess – Telefeature Director

1988 Zombie Brigade – Co Director

Documentary & TV Credits

2022  ABC Arts Janice Wong at the Western Australian Art Gallery,  Director.

2021  Time and Space the Speed of Light  director edit supervisor.

2018 – 2020  40 Short films for general exhibition in the new Western Australian Museum Boola Bardip Co Director DOP.

2016 Antonio Carluccio’s 6 Seasons  for SBS 6 part series prime time Director co writer.

2014 Tribal Scent – Director / Producer one hour documentary for NITV.

2014 Recipes That Rock – Director, series 1&2 National Geographic (13 episodes)

2013 Stones – a special on sculptor Andrew Rogers

2011/12 The Making of Collision Course – Producer prime time ABC 1

10/11 Collision Course – Producer / Director

Producer / Co-Director theatrical distribution Australia and UK, made with Australian Dance Theatre Garry Stewart, winner of West Australian Department of Arts funding award.

2010 Mega Art-Kenya – Director

2013 World Structures – Director 14 part series on sculpture by Andrew Rogers

12/13 Rock and Roll – Director

10/11 Collision Course – Co-Director

2010 Mega Art-Kenya – Director

09/10 Quickies in My Kitchen – Director 13 part series

Gnow or Never [ABC ] Producer/Co Director

2009 My Asian Heart – Producer Feature doc SBS, Screen Australia

2008 Monumental Visions: Turkey – Director ABC, TVF, Ovation and Discovery Channel

07/10 The Best in Australia – Director 24X60 ABC, FOXTEL

2007 Through Foreign Eyes – Director

2006 Weeping Women – Director/Producer FFC and Channel 7

2006 Monumental Visions: Iceland – Director ABC, TVF and Discovery Channel

2006 Ooldea – Producer ABC, ScreenWest Matched fund]

2010  “Gnow or Never”. The story of the malleefowl directors Franco Di Chiera and Carmelo Musca Screened on ABC one, Prime time 8pm Thursday 4th of February 2010. DVD’s on sale.

2009 “My Asian Heart” a one hour documentary for SBS on the life and work of photojournalist Philip Blenkinsop, DIRECTOR David Bradbury, PRODUCER Carmelo Musca.

2008 “Monumental Visions: Turkey”, a one hour Arts documentary filmed in Turkey, part of a series following internationally acclaimed Sculptor and Artist Andrew Rogers (ABC, TVF, Ovation Channel and Discovery Channel) DIRECTOR, Carmelo Musca.

“The Best in Australia”, Sixteen one hour episodes (series 1 and 2). Three of Australia’s top chefs face off in competitions to determine who is “The Best” in Australia. (FOXTEL). Produced by Mago Films. DIRECTOR, Carmelo Musca. (click text to view site and trailer)

2007 “We Always Dress for Sunday Lunch”, 25 minute short drama filmed in rural Western Australia. A film and study guide assisting care workers to understand individuals by learning their life stories.
DIRECTOR/ PRODUCER, Carmelo Musca. Theatrical distribution and DVD.

(click text to view trailer)

2007 “The Best in Australia A contemporary food show offering viewers the best possible ways to cook and eat well. The Best in Australia is what happenes when a larakin London-based Aussie chef, and award winning Irish chef from Sydney and one sassy cook put their wits, skills, and wills against each other to find the very best recipes. [more…] (FOXTEL & BBC)
DIRECTOR – 8 HOURS, Carmelo Musca.

2006 “Weeping Women a one hour documentary on the phenomena of weeping statues and peoples’ search for faith. (FFC and Channel 7) DIRECTOR/PRODUCER, Carmelo Musca.

2006 “Ooldea a one hour documentary following Iain Grandage’s journey to Spinifex land to create a co-production between WASO (the West Australian Symphony Orchestra) and the Tjukurppa, the Aboriginal Elders of the Great Victoria Desert. (ABC) PRODUCER, Carmelo Musca.

2005 “The Fight Game a gritty 90 minute documentary on the life and career of Danny Green, whose drive and ambition sped him to the top of the boxing World. (AFC and Distributor) CO-PRODUCER, Carmelo Musca.

2004 “Just A Game” a one hour documentary on video games (Channel 9). CO-DIRECTOR/PRODUCER, Carmelo Musca.

2003 “Slow Food Revolution” a one hour documentary examining a worldwide movement in food cultivation which promotes environmental and cultural conservation. (Film Australia and SBS) PRODUCER, Carmelo Musca

2002 “Distant Echoes” six half hour programs on traditional music and culture in Japan, Cambodia, Malaysia, Indonesia, New Zealand and Australia. (Channel 9). PRODUCER/DIRECTOR, Carmelo Musca.

2001 “What in the World is Feng Shui” a co-production with Mago Films DIRECTOR, Carmelo Musca. Channel 9 and Carlton International.

2000 “The Habits of New Norcia” SBS accord documentary. Writer Harry Taylor, Director/Co-writer Frank Rijavec, PRODUCER Carmelo Musca.

2000 “X-pats – The Alien Connection” ABC accord documentary. CO-PRODUCER/ CO-DIRECTOR Carmelo Musca.

1997 “Shoah Foundation” Interviews with survivors of the Holocaust. Steven Spielberg set up the Shoah Foundation to document the stories of the Holocaust survivors. DIRECTOR WA, Carmelo Musca.

1997 “Chasing the Hibiscus” 72 minute romantic comedy telefeature written by Paige Gibbs. DIRECTOR/CO PRODUCER Carmelo Musca

1993 “Goddess” One hour drama for Channel 10. CO PRODUCER/DIRECTOR Carmelo Musca

1992-93 “The Rich Tradition” Thirteen half hour programs on cultural traditions peasant influence on our way of life filmed on location throughout Europe. Major Broadcasters include, BBC (UK), SVT1 (Sweden), TV Eire (Ireland), Singapore, SBS (Australia) and many others. DIRECTOR/CO-WRITER Carmelo Musca

1988 “Didgeridoo in Deutschland” Half hour documentary for SBS. Composer, playwright and painter, Richard Walley in East Berlin. (SBS Australia) DIRECTOR/WRITER Carmelo Musca

1988 “Sisterly Love” Seventy-two minute drama sold to the BBC and ABC. AFI nomination for Best Tele-feature and Best Actress. EXECUTIVE PRODUCER Carmelo Musca.

1988 “Zombie Brigade” Ninety-six minute horror/comedy, 35 mm feature in worldwide distribution. PRODUCER, CO WRITER AND CO-DIRECTOR Carmelo Musca.

1986 “English Pubs” (Channel Nine) DIRECTOR Carmelo Musca
“Drinks All Round” (Bars of New York) Channel Nine DIRECTOR Carmelo Musca.
1983 “Yanks on R&R”Television special about American sailors in Perth. (Channel Nine) DIRECTOR Carmelo Musca.

1986 “I am No God” Feature length documentary about Australians visiting Filipino faith healers. (Channel Nine) PRODUCER Carmelo Musca.

About Us

CM Film Productions acknowledges the traditional custodians and their continuing connection to the land, waters and community. We pay our respects to all members of the Aboriginal communities and their cultures; and to Elders both past and present.

Since its modest beginning in 1979, the entity which now comprises CM Film Productions, has experienced a remarkable growth pattern, concurrently with the achievement of a respected reputation for integrity, professionalism, and quality.

Its principal, Carmelo Musca, has conceived and nurtured the development of many films, television documentaries and drama programs for international release.

Various CM Film Productions documentaries and dramas have been screened on prime time television in Australia and overseas by major broadcasters.


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