“Tribal Scent” now in Production

Tribal Scent – a documentary about Sandalwood – will go into production this October.

Richard WalleySandalwood is the basis of most of the world’s most expensive and exotic perfumes. Once prolific, 80% of it now comes from only one location, the outback of Western Australia.

Tribal Scent follows the journey of choreographer, dancer, didgeridoo player, activist and tribal leader Dr Richard Walley (Pictured right. This is his website).

Richard joins forces with scientists and the world’s major perfume makers in Grasse, France. Together they work toward their shared goal of protecting one of the few remaining indigenous Sandalwood reserves in the world and, at the same time, protecting the harvesters in the outback deserts of Western Australia and thus protecting the sustainability of the high-end perfume industry itself.

WA holds 80% of the world’s Sandalwood reserve.

Tribal Scent will screen on SBS NITV in Australia in 2014.

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