Collision Course

collision Course

Collision Course, A CM Film Production video installation project co-directed by Carmelo Musca and Garry Stewart, featuring a series of bodies colliding in extreme slow motion, has continued to tour Australia as part of Experimenta Recharge: The 6th International Biennial of Media Art.

It is currently being exhibited at The Lock Up in Newcastle, NSW, and will then move onto The Block in Brisbane, QLD.

Collision Course is also being screened at the Frankston Arts Centre in Victoria during August.

This unique and compelling video work features over 100 sports people and dancers drawn from the community in Perth, Western Australia.

Collision Course CM Film Productions

collision Course

Collision Course Screenings

Cube 37 – Cube Gallery street front

3 August – 30 August
From Dusk
Free. Duration 33 minutes

Collision Course is a study in movement produced by Australian Dance Theatre in collaboration with CM Film Productions (Perth).

Based on a concept developed by Australian Dance Theatre’s Artistic Director – Garry Stewart, the work features 48 extreme slow motion collisions between dancers, boxers, martial artists, gymnasts, football players and street culture enthusiasts.

The high-speed video, used to capture the collisions, manipulates time and perception through slowing down movement to such an enormous degree so that the smallest gesture becomes monumental. In each collision we witness in vivid detail the reconfiguration of faces, limbs and bodies as they collide against each other with impact.

The enormous elasticity of the body’s flesh and collagen is well beyond what can be perceived in real time but via this medium we are drawn into the secret world of the physics of our bodies in full flight and under stress


Concept – Garry Stewart
Direction – Garry Stewart & Carmelo Musca
Choreographer – Garry Stewart
Co-Choreographer – Claudia Alessi
Director of Photography – Torstein Dyrting, ACS

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