Carluccio’s 6 Seasons

Carluccio’s Corroboree

Antonio Carluccio and Richard Walley

6×30 TV Series

carluccios Corroboree

A journey into the outback, into culture, into country and a modern take on indigenous foods.

Antonio Carluccio is one of the most well known and respected cooks in the television world. He teams up with Australian Indigenous elder, actor, dancer, musician, television presenter, Richard Walley.

Richard takes Antonio on a journey of discovery into Noongar country the south-west corner of Western Australia. One of the largest bio diversity areas in the world. Here they learn about indigenous history, culture, art, music, the land, language, sustainability and the food.

Antonio will take these ingredients and put his own special take on them. Kangaroo, Dhufish, Marron, Emu, wild duck, wild honey, wild pig, oysters, scallops, lobster and mussels. Plus wild seeds, berries and plants, to name but a few.

Along the way, Richard will introduce Carluccio to local characters who will accompany them on their quest. They’ll hunt and fish, and gather wild plants and experience a corroboree by a fire in the clean, crisp, clear star-filled night.

Real Aussie food with an Italian twist – I can’t wait!

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