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CM Film Productions

CM Films has conceived and nurtured the development of many films, television documentaries and drama programs for international release. Various CM Film Productions documentaries and dramas have been screened on prime time television in Australia and overseas by major broadcasters.


My Asian Heart Feature documentary (SBS, Screen Australia), won the ATOM Award for Best Documentary in Australia.


Carmelo has received the Lotterywest Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Industry.

Rock ‘n’ Roll Adventure TV series

{ Posted on Oct 25 2012 by Charlie }
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Carmelo is directing a television series in the South West Of Australia with Alex James from Blur and Mat Stone from the Greenhouse. A Rock n Roll adventure in one of the world’s largest bio diversity areas. Will screen internationally in 2013. Producer Marain Bartsch, Writer Alun Bartsch.

4 Responses to “Rock ‘n’ Roll Adventure TV series”

  1. Hi Carmelo and Alun,
    I am completely intrigued by the title and description of this series. Can’t wait to see it. Hi to Alun – have you given up the role of hockey spectator as you are so busy? Cheers, Frank di Giovanni

  2. Yeah, I’m intrigued, too. Is there a synopsis we can read?

  3. See me after.

  4. Alun gets all the best roles. 🙂

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